Šungiidivee kann
About the properties of shungite - Silver Türk, the microbiologist of Tartu University

Which are the potential methods of use of fullerene in biomedicine? 

As to the general background, the introduction of innovations in medicine is today very slow, cautious and expensive. During the World War II penicillin was fast introduced. Soldiers healed – this was a very...

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Shungiidi antibakteriaalne toime
Antibacterial effect of schungite

The researchers of Tartu University set an objective to specify the antibacterial effect of schungite water and develop a methodology for production of as concentrated schungite water as possible.


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The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral adrriinistration of fullerene

Tarek Baatla,b, Fanchon Bourassetc, Najla Gharbid, Leila Njimb, Manef Abderrabbac, Abdelhamid Kerkenib, Henri Swarcd, Fathi Moussad


Countless studies showed that [60]fullerene (...

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Šungiidi termogravimeetria
Schungite thermogravimetry
PURPOSE OF TESTS: The analysis of thermogravimetry carried out by Tartu University in spring 2017 enabled to set whether and how much gas is emerging from schungite at any temperature. Also, it could be observed that when the temperature of the sample had risen to the...

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Šungiidiga kastetud puud
10 interesting facts about shungite
1. The size of the fullerene molecule included in shungite is 1nm. This is three times smaller than DNA and hundred times smaller than a virus. Fullerene molecule passes the cell without damaging the membrane. This could explain the healing properties of shungite.
 2. The impact of...

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Electron microscopy studies of schungite
The first electron microscopy studies of schungite conducted in October 2018 indicated that schungite seems visually as a black stone, this is though an exciting composite material on microscopic scale, the different components of which are actually separated from each other but could still...

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Foreign literature on schungite:

Different materials, studies, reports: 


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