Schungite thermogravimetry

Šungiidi termogravimeetria
PURPOSE OF TESTS: The analysis of thermogravimetry carried out by Tartu University in spring 2017 enabled to set whether and how much gas is emerging from schungite at any temperature. Also, it could be observed that when the temperature of the sample had risen to the temperature of keris (pile of cobblestones), the gases still emerge or stop in certain time period. The tests were carried out with the heated and previously unheated samples.
RESULTS OF TESTS: The results of the thermogravimetry analysis have been provided as drawings.
The drawings indicate that about 1.28% of the total mass emerges from the unheated sample, which is about 18times more than in case of heated sample. The slow discrepancy can be seen on the background curves. The loss of mass in heating was very small. By considering the maximum emerging quantity and the fact that nothing emerged from keris after thermal processing, we can state that schungite is still safe.
CONCLUSION: We recommend to heat the schungite on keris and ventilate the keris room before its practical use and this not so much as a requirement related to safety, but to avoid possible unpleasant feeling.