In addition to the amazing properties of schungite we offer you the package of classical pyramid size which in its turn intensifies the positive impact of schungite around the pyramid. Be cautious with the top of the pyramid which could emerge negative energy.
Different scientists have proven that the molecules of substance are subject to some impacts inside the pyramid. The pyramid attracts energy like an antenna and these energies create vibrating fields causing the molecules flow in the substance placed to the pyramid.
A lot has been written about the phenomenal and so far inexplicable properties of the pyramid, so everyone can find interesting information both in Internet and books, if required. Enjoy experimenting!



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Tervisekivi – Kerisekivi


SAUNA is a lifestyle and heater is a heart of SAUNA

To make a visit to sauna a really nice and enjoyable sauna night it is surely important that the heater would have perfectly chosen and fit heater stones. The microclimate of steamroom and quality of steam depends on the latter. Sauna could be considered one of the most efficient methods for healing one’s body to fight against different diseases and improve one’s well-being.
For the first time it is now possible to buy unique schungite-heater stone in Estonia, the age of which is estimated to be two billion years and which can be found in one place in the world – Karjala. As schungite entails the best properties of heater stones used in Estonia, this is excellent for upper heater stones. By using schungite, the quality of sauna visit improves many times, the feeling after sauna is great and you enjoy sauna much more, as the steam coming from schungite is mild and healthy.

For information of heater user:  

The schungite is delivered to Estonia right from the mine located in Karjala in an unprocessed form. Thus it should be taken into account that the stone could cover the fittings of your steamroom with light dust of stone at first use. After making steam, microscopic solid particles emerge in the course of abrupt evaporation of water. Thus we recommend to surely wash the dust of the stone under running water before use.
Place the larger stones below and smaller ones above for better ventilation. Avoid the contact of schungite with heating elements on electric heater and with burning chamber in case of woodburning heater.
As schungite is a mineral in its nature and includes water, the cracking could occur at higher temperatures at first heating. The water deeper inside the stone starts coming out to surface through the pores. These are so-called closed chambers or too “narrow“ pores, the effect is the same when heating the closed water vessel up to its explosion. Water has major power when vaporizing. This explains the cracking of stone created at first heating which is no more present during next heating. As a result of such mini-explosions the microscopic solid particles are thrown into air. After first heating sauna should be surely aired before practical use. 
Even Hippocrates was convinced that sauna helps even when nothing else helps.
Source - Saunamaailm
The liquid emerging with sweat should be recovered with water from outside. Previously prepared schungite water is excellent for that purpose (see
Drink enough water to compensate water loss and get rid of toxins.

If you have aired sauna after first heating and first steam, enjoyable sauna nights are guaranteed.




Water filter with shungite crumbs


filter shunga-shungite

The most comfortable method is to use the water filter filled with shungite powder. Atlas filter container has been filled with shungite in the suitable fraction. Shungite removes heavy metals, colloid iron of water pipes, nitrates and nitrites, pesticides, dioxins, phenols, chloro-organic compounds, oil products, radio nuclides, viruses and bacteria from water. At the same time the body is saturated with useful micro and macro elements.
Shungite filters were started to use for cleaning the water already in 1991. Compared to other filters the content of filter with shungite crumbs is not oxidizing or spoiling the taste of water in long-term use. No health damaging compounds incur at the contact with chlorine. It is sufficient to clean the content of the container with baking soda or salt once a year. After using the content of filter for several years, it is suitable for the plants to improve the mineral composition of the soils.