About the properties of schungite

Märg shungiit
Schungite cleans water practically of all organic substances, incl also oil and pesticides; many metals and non-metals; bacteria and microorganisms. 
 In the rural areas 30-60 kg of schungite gravel is sufficient to be scattered to the well to clean the water of bacterial pollution, nitrates, oil products, metals and restructure the water molecules to the healing ones.
 To improve the water properties put couple of hundreds of grams schungite which has been previously rinsed with the running water to the water bowl and pour 2-3 litres of water on it. Add water, if the water is utilized. Stone can be cleaned with salt or soda.
Look at the video of making the shungite water: Making shungite water


water with shooing-shungite

Water which has been treated with schungite filter has a general strengthening and rejuvenating impact on the body: face skin becomes clean, wrinkles and rash decrease, skin becomes more elastic and resilient. Such water strengthens hair roots, decreases the incurrence of dandruff, and gives a healthy shine to hair. Schungite water helps in case of kidney, liver and gall-bladder diseases, mitigates the heartburn, helps in case of disorders of digestive tract, bone and muscular system and vegetative nervous system. Decreases allergic reactions and improves the general tone of the body.


filter shunga-shungite

 In 1991 schungite filters were started to be made for cleaning the water. By using such water for drinking and making food, the sick ones healed from chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, diseases of bile ducts and pancreas, cholesystitis, hypertension, parodonthosis, different types of allergy, even ezcema – and this all after consuming the water cleaned with the help of schungite filter. 


Add granulated schungite pieces in textile bag to about 36-degree bath water (about 500 g per bath). The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes, not more often than every other day. The latter soothes, decreases stress, strengthens the body and normalizes sleeping habits. Small wounds and fissures on skin heal. In case of regular schungite baths the post-operation cut scars heal, the skin scale, eczema, fungus and allergic rashes disappear.


Schungite baths, pouring over with schungite water and its use instead of ordinary water has a healthy impact practically on all organs and systems of the body.  


Massages with schungite crumbs. To step barefoot on schungite crumbs spread as an even layer for 5 minutes. The elderly people and athletes lose pain in feet and sacrum; arterial blood pressure normalizes. Excellent means for treatment of polyarthritis, osteochondrosis and radiculitis.